Welcome to the Millicent Rogers Museum! We are thrilled to be opening our galleries to the public again! We are in the process of making the necessary changes to the museum to make your visit safe and enjoyable. We plan to open admission to the galleries soon, and we will continue to provide updates through the website. The Museum store will continue to be open while we make the needed adjustments.

Some of the changes you will notice will include air purification systems, traffic flow adjustments, and plexi-screens. Some of our galleries will be unavailable at this time as we consider the traffic flow and well-being of our staff, community, and visitors from out of town a top priority. We will also have changes to our admissions pricing.

The Millicent Rogers Museum, known as the Jewel of the Southwest, displays one of the finest collections of Native American jewelry, Maria Martinez pottery, textiles, and Spanish devotional artwork in New Mexico. We celebrate over 60 years of preserving and interpreting the arts and diverse cultural heritage of the American Southwest.

We look forward to the future and the increasingly important role that cultural museums will play in education, conversation, and celebration of art and artifacts of the land, the people, the history, and the complexity of the human spirit.

Philip Peralta-Ramos

Philip Peralta-Ramos and Christina Lucia Peralta-Ramos, Grandchildren of Millicent Rogers
Millicent Rogers Museum Board of Trustees


We are dedicated to "sharing and celebrating the arts and cultures of the Southwest." The prestigious Millicent Rogers Museum is built upon the distinctive and iconic vision of Millicent Rogers.