Millicent Rogers Jewelry Reproductions

Millicent RogersIt was Millicent Rogers' habit to quickly sketch out designs on yellow legal pads or architect's tracing paper. It is from this source that we have her original designs available to our customers.

Millicent's curiosity, confidence, and sense of style and proportion make these designs seem bold and unique even today. Her cross designs had double-bars as found in many cultures from Europe, Africa, and the American Indian dragonfly cross. She created an imaginative "Stars Running" series based on navigational points and the constellations.

These designs made their debut in 1992 when Federico Jimenez oversaw the production of 29 pieces of sterling silver jewelry. Selected designs have been available for sale in the Museum since then.

We offer you designs from that core collection as well as earrings designed by Millicent for herself, the mold of which was given to us by her son Paul Peralta-Ramos. Enjoy the beauty.

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Millicent's Pyramid Bracelet
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Millicent Rogers' Snake Earrings
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