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Estates and Memorials

Life Insurance that is not needed by your family may be given to the Millicent Rogers Museum either outright (by transferring ownership to the Museum) or simply by naming us as your beneficiary or partial beneficiary.

Bequests may be made by naming the Millicent Rogers Museum in your will.

Retirement Plans: The funds that remain in retirement plans at death may be heavily taxed; you may be able to greatly reduce both your estate and income taxes through a charitable contribution of all or a portion of your retirement plan, upon your death, to the Museum.

Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and Retained Life Estates are strategies that can be tailored to your specific tax needs. Contact us or speak with your estate planner.

Gifts in Honor or in Memory: Gifts can be made to honor a loved one or commemorate the life of a family member or special friend.

To obtain more information or to plan your tax-deductable contribution to the Millicent Rogers Museum, please call the Executive Director at 575-758-2462.