Kathleen Wall, #7 Corn Grandmother
Kathleen Wall, #7 Corn Grandmother

Kathleen Wall, #7 Corn Grandmother

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Kathleen Wall, Co-chair for the 1st Annual Southwest Artisans Market, is a well-known pottery ceramic artist from Jemez Pueblo. She is third generation that begins with her Grandmother, Cari Loretto, of Jemez Pueblo. She created her first storyteller at the young age of 8. She has always supported herself with her work. After graduation from IAIA in Santa Fe, she received blue ribbons with SWAIA and has risen to the ranks with many a prestigious recognition for her figurines that resemble her bright smile, whimsical nature and culture. We are honored to have her bring her work to support her cultural heritage, her fellow friends and the Museum. Her work is on our wish list to be in our Permanent Collection.

Kathleen Wall

#7 Corn Grandmother

Bronze #5/20

12" x 5" x 6" 

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