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Art of Taos Pueblo: From the Permanent Collection 

Taos, NM — The Millicent Rogers Museum will feature a multi-media exhibit on the "Art of Taos Pueblo" from July 1st through September 11th. The exhibit will solely highlight locally produced artwork from the Taos Pueblo that has become a part of the permanent collection at the Museum. The art on display will include watercolors, pen & ink, woodblock prints, pencil drawings, silver and turquoise jewelry, textiles, and oil on canvas paintings.


There will be three scheduled events to highlight the Art of Taos Pueblo. Thursday, July 7th from 5:50-7:30 p.m. the museum will host a Welcoming Celebration to launch the exhibition. Tuesday, July 12th, a Guided Tour of the exhibit will be offered to the general public at 10:00 a.m. followed by a Q&A session.  

Sunday, August 28th, from NEED TIME a panel of distinguished guests will discuss the art work, background of the artists, and field any pertinent questions about the exhibit. The tentative list of panel guests is: Rick Romancito (Taos News), Marie Reyna (Taos Pueblo Children’s Art Center, an art historian familiar with Dorothy Dunn, and other local Pueblo artists. 

The Millicent Rogers Museum serves as a repository for the culture and art of Northern New Mexico. The museum preserves traditional artwork from this region and presents it to the public through generic exhibitions or thematic showcases such as the Art of Taos Pueblo. 

Taos Pueblo is located at a unique geographic location, and has been influenced by a myriad of cultures, creating its own unique melting pot in the Southwest. There are elements of Plains Indian and Hispanic cultures mixed with the Pueblo base of Taos. The artwork produced here serves as a creative outlet and record of the intermingling and mixing of these three diverse cultures.  

Admission to the Millicent Rogers Museum is $5 for NM residents and $10 non-residents, students and seniors may enter for $8, and children 6-16 only $2. Taos County Residents receive free admission into the museum every Sunday. 


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